Kapelusze, czapki , dodatki ślubne i akcesoria

W naszej kolekcji znajdą Państwo kapelusze wykonane z sizalu oraz materiałowe. Zajmujemy się ręcznym wytwarzaniem wysokiej jakości ozdób ślubnych i okolicznościowych. Na naszej stronie prezentujemy również różnego rodzaju dodatki ślubne i wizytowe. Doświadczenie i kreatywność w wytwarzaniu różnego rodzaju ozdób pozwoliły na stworzenie szerokiej oferty na każdy gust.

W sezonie zimowym proponujemy modne czapki oraz kapelusze filcowe których galerię już niebawem umieścimy na stronie.

The orders
The samples
We go to our customers twice a year with the new collection, of winter hats in November - February, of summer in May - August.
At this time we present you the pictures our all collection too.
The goods
Please send us your order as soon as possible.
 We deliver the ordered hats in Europe:
-         by our own lorry at our cost when you ordered more than 500 pieces of hats.
      We have the authorization for the international transport by car and we deliver our hats directly to our customers in Europe.
-         by forwarder DPD at the cost of our customers if you ordered smaller number of hats.
      The cost of transport of one box 56 x 28 x 50 cm in Europe is 18,- euro.

The prices DDP. The payment by bank transfer to Poland.


About the Company

The company J. Bogajewski Hats Caps was founded in 1911 by the grandfather of Mrs. Grażyna.Bogajewska, who has been  the designer and the production manager since 1982.
The company has two department, the first one in Poznań with the production of hats and caps of fabric, and second department is situated near the city for the production of felt and straw hats.
The workshop employs 17 people.

We produce the hats in the categories "for special occasion" and "production millinery" for ladies, teen-agers and children.
We manufacture the hats for  summer of sinamay and fabrics like linen, , the fabric coated with polyurethanes and of polyvinylchloride, polyester, waterproof fabric etc and for winter of velvet, wool fabric, astrakhan artificial, of artificial fur, ribbon velveteen, leather and leatheroid,  etc
We offer the bags, shawls, scarves, gloves, head-bands, trimmings and the decoration for hair at the same design like main hats.

From 22 years we have exported the hats to Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA
We exported to the Australia, Arabia, Canada, Japan, Sweden and South Africa some years ago.
We sell our hats at White Russia, Russia, Ukraine also.
The export at 2003 was 96,7% of our turnover.

We took part at the International Fairs at Poznań, Stokholm and Wien. We received the Gold Medal at the International Fair in Poznań at 2001.
We have the Polish Certificate of The Artistic Handicraft.

Dekoration of hair, soft hats . Collection for winter 2012/1013

Salon Kapeluszy i dodatków ślubnych: ul. Głogowska 16 (dawniej Głogowska 56)

telefon kontaktowy: 510-185-999